Meet Olivier Herve, Thermocoax’s Power Generation Business Developper

“My name is Olivier Herve and I’ve been working with Thermocoax since 2004. I’m in charge of the power generation portfolio. I work very closely with the engineering and R&D departments. My other mission is to support the sales team in developing partnerships with our customers.”Our applications for the Power Generation Market”

Our applications for power generation market

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We work on gas turbines that are used in the aerospace and electricity generation markets. We supply thermocouples that are typically installed in combustion chambers or exhausts to help with health monitoring or regulation of the engine. We also supply capacitive sensors for blade tip timing and clearance. Over the last 2 years, we have developed heating blankets for industrial gas turbines that help control temperature when the machine is off, and allow faster engine starts.”

Thermocoax specializes in custom designs and maintains a continuous dialogue with partners to ensure that their requirements are met. A diverse range of projects can be managed, including:

“Thermocoax is a reliable partner for gas turbine manufacturers. We are a big company with a small-team mindset that’s highly focused on the power generation market. We have an extremely knowledgeable and experienced division with specific skills that understand applications and requests from our customers.”

Thermocoax supports original equipment manufacturers (OEM) with innovative designs and solutions that operate in gas turbines, diesel engines, industrial coal boiler plants and fuel cell environments.

60 years of experience

Thermocoax has been making mineral-insulated cable in-house for over 60 years and it still drives the quality and durability of the company’s power generation solutions. Thermocoax manages all raw materials during the manufacturing process, providing customers with complete traceability and unrivalled quality.

The last year has seen a large expansion in the energy market. Requests for more gas turbines have had a direct impact on Thermocoax and we have increased our production to align with our customers. On the aero side, the helicopter market is very dynamic. We are lucky to work with the world’s leading manufacturer for this type of gas turbine. Our business is stable and it continues to operate at a very high level.

Towards a greener future

For the future, we foresee a stabilization phase for the business. Our data is telling us that we have already reached a high level. The number one aim for Thermocoax is quality and on-time supply. We also have to work closely with our customers to develop new solutions for the next generation, knowing that it will have to be more sustainable and use bio-fuel.

As the world collectively strives for a greener future, aided by new designs and new ways of generating power, Thermocoax has pledged to follow Spirax-Sarco Engineering’s commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040.

Thermocoax is also committed to sourcing 50% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030 and to gaining 10% of biodiversity by 2030. The company’s new facilities in Caligny will help it to achieve these necessary goals.

Do you need to contact Olivier and our team to discuss your needs? Don’t hesitate to request a quote : we will get back to you as soon as we can.