Data transmission cables

banner-data-transmissionTHERMOCOAX offers a large range of data transmission cables with coaxial, triaxial and multi-wire designs.

Data transmission cables for transducers :

We have experience in interfacing high temperature transducers such as pressure, vibration or flame detectors. We are a partner with transducer manufacturers, we can adapt the cables to the properties of the transducer.

Data transmission cables for strain gauges :

During evaluation and qualification of the gas machine, large quantities of strain gauges are installed in the machine, especially in the hotest area where constrains are the most difficult.
We are providing data transmission cables to connect with the strain gauge and bring the signal to cold areas.
We propose special wires alloys to get the most accurate data as possible.


Connecteur CM 1


Data transmission cables high frequency signals

We are a specialist of coaxial and triaxial metallic data transmission cables. We screen the cable with copper or µmetal to increase immunity when exposed to electrical and magnetic disruptions. Our technology to plate copper with SS304 offers cables with low electrical resistance and high reliability when exposed to extreme temperatures

Key Parameters :

  • Temperature up to 1200°C with Inconel 600
  • Temperature up to 1600°C with platinum
  • From diameter 0.5mm to 6mm
  • cores & sheath: SS304L, Inconel, copper, nickel, tantalum, platinum
  • screen: copper, µmetal
  • Insulator: MgO, SiO2
  • Insulation strength 1012Ω.m
  • Bending radius 3*Ø
  • Termination with stripped wires or connector