Cabling Solutions for Accurate Data Transmission

THERMOCOAX data transmission cables with coaxial, triaxial and multi-wire designs for high performance at extreme temperatures.

Data Transmission in Any Environment

Cables are subject to vibrations, temperature fluctuations and complex environments, for instance corrosion. Thermocoax manufactures data transmission cabling to withstand these strains and are compatible with sensors.

Available in a range of different diameters and with state-of-the-art insulation technology, our cabling serves a range of gas turbine applications.

Meeting a Range of Transmission Needs

Our cable solutions are designed for our partner manufacturers of transducers, for strain gauges, and for high-frequency signals.

Data Transmission Cables for High Frequencies

In a world where high frequency applications are the norm, cabling systems need to be fit for purpose. Thermocoax has developed a new manufacturing method with silicon dioxide insulation enabling our data transmission cables to function at frequencies up to 15 GHz.

Thermocoax partners with transducer manufacturers who require high frequencies to discharge increasingly large amounts of data. Our cabling can also be adapted to the properties of the transducer.

  • Operational at frequencies up to 15 GHz
  • Interface with pressure, vibration, flame detectors
  • SiO2 insulation

Data transmission cables for strain gauges

When gas turbines undergo evaluation and certification, they are fitted with multiple strain gauges. It is vital that accurate data from these gauges is transmitted from extremely hot areas, where the greatest strains occur.

Thermocoax supplies data transmission cables that connect with the strain gauges and transmit the signal from very hot areas to cold areas. We offer special wires alloys that deliver the most accurate data possible on expansion.

Coaxial and triaxial data transmission cables for high frequency signals

Thermocoax is a specialist manufacturer of coaxial and triaxial metallic data transmission cables. To minimise the effects of disruption from electrical and magnetic fields, we wrap the cabling with copper or mu-metal.

We have developed technology to plate copper with SS304 – Inox 304. So our cables offer low electrical resistance and high reliability when exposed to extreme temperatures.

Experience that you can rely on

Thermocoax has taken advantage of its wealth of R&D experience to provide the powergen industry with data transmission cabling for today’s advanced turbines. Available in a range of diameters and sheath materials, our cabling solutions are built for the powergen needs of today.

Cabling solutions : Technical data

  • Functions at 1200°C with Inconel 600
  • Functions at 1600°C with platinum
  • Range of diameters, 0.5mm to 6mm
  • Cores & sheath: SS304L, Inconel, copper, nickel, tantalum, platinum
  • Insulator: MgO, SiO2
  • Insulation strength 1012Ω.m
  • Bending radius 3*Ø
  • Termination with stripped wires or connector


For more detailed specifications and information about our data transmission cabling solutions, please do not hesitate to request a quote.